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The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole (1987) Episodes 4 and 5 Reviewed

Episode 4
The welfare gives Adrian a £10 coupon for buying school trousers to ease the sour taste of poverty. Adrian goes to Nigel’s Halloween party dressed as a fiend, he looks ridiculous. Adrian overlooks all the clues about Nigel’s orientation. Rosie is born. There is bad acting. Adrian tells his dad that Rosie resembles him: “wrinkled and angry looking.”

The issue of Rosie’s paternity would not be settled until the ‘Prostrate Years’ book. Adrian sees his half brother Brett before Doreen Slater runs off with Maxwell’s father. Brett would not return until ‘The Lost Years’ book. Mr Mole is jubilant at Doreen’s departure. Then Queenie dies. This was okay but still no Barry Kent.

Best Lines:
“I was born by caesarean section.”
“How interesting, that would account for quite a lot.”

“I am perfectly capable of pushing a hoover around.”

“Makes a charming domestic picture doesn’t it? Until your father goes home to his other family.”

Episode 5
Mr Lucas phones making an issue of Rosie’s paternity. The thing is, he was right – he was Rosie’s father. The Mole parents attempt reconciliation. Scruton rants. Adrian becomes obsessed by breakfast TV. Pandora wants neon pink leg warmers and berates Adrian. The depressed Adrian is upset by his girlfriend and Mr Lucas arriving on the doorstep making access demands. This was not good.

Barry Kent finally makes a brief appearance. ‘Growing Pains’ is not as good as ‘Secret Diary’; it feels like they are leaving a lot out.

Best Lines:
“My hair’s got three partings.”

“100 years ago, you would have been up a chimney!”

"I can feel myself mutating into a yob.”

“I don’t know what an injunction is, but it sounds dead threatening.”
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