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Trailers and Quotes

‘V/H/S’ trailer
Idiots break into a house to steal a videotape in this ridiculous looking horror anthology.

Sinister’ trailer
The pretentious Ethan Hawke stars in a new film from the makers of ‘Insidious’. This looks really good.

Magic Mike’ trailer
A tale of a male stripper and his idiot whiny bimbo girlfriend who won’t shut up. This looks stupid.

I’m Dangerous Tonight’ trailer
This incredibly overwrought trailer is for a fairly decent 1990 TV movie about a cloak that makes people crazy. It stars Anthony Perkins.

I am reading ‘Shadowborn’.

The Spirit’ Quote:
Toilets are always funny.”

The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole’ (novel) Quotes:
“I am very pleased to hear that you have decided not to kill yourself this year.”

“Grandma has a funny look in the eyes. My mother says it is called Jingoism, but I think it is more likely to be cataracts.”

“He is deluding himself if he thinks he has joined the middle class. He still puts HP sauce on his toast.”

“Funny to think that old, smelly, unattractive people can be sentimental.”

“Brett doesn’t like Robin Day’s voice for some reason. It makes him scream and bring his milk up.”

“I was tired of Barry Kent shoving his prawn balls down my trousers.”

“A sign that my parents are now frantic with worry about me: Barry Kent was allowed into the house.”

‘Happy Endings’ Quotes:
“A zombie apocalypse is going to happen. I mean, why do you think I live the way I do?”
“Lack of ambition, no self respect.”

“You sound like a 50 year old divorcee talking to her stepson.”

“I went to a dark place. Like applying to grad school dark.”

“Hipster rule number 1: never try, never put effort into anything...hipster rule number 2: only like things ironically...final rule: everything is dumb.”

‘Flowers in the Attic’ Quotes:
What could she say? Darling, I have a secret to tell you: upstairs hidden away in the far northern wing, I have four children.”

“You are not going to cut off one strand of Cathy’s hair, Grandmother! Take one step in her direction, and I will pound you over the head with this chair!”

Don’t Trust The B---- in Apartment 23’ Quotes:
“I’ve been surviving on a sack of potatoes I found behind a deli.”

“We’ll be okay as long as Grandma Rose passes soon.”

“Fat cabbie can run.”
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