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Covert Affairs (2010 - 2015) Season 1 Review, part 1

We get flashbacks to an orange Annie Walker (Piper Perabo of ‘Carriers’) and her summer romance. She wears horrible pink lip-gloss. Annie is pulled out of CIA training to work for Joan Campbell (Kari Matchett of ‘Invasion’) in the Domestic Protection Division.

Annie is super talented, super perky, wears heels that are too high and an unbuttoned blouse. Joan wears a work inappropriate dress. The blind tech ops guy Auggie (show killer Christopher Gorham of ‘Popular’, ‘Ugly Betty’, ‘Jake 2.0’ and ‘Harpers Island’) has an ugly haircut.

Joan is married to the perpetually angry big boss Arthur (Peter Gallagher of ‘The O.C’). An assassin strikes showering Annie in glass and bullets. Joan seems more concerned by screaming at and distrusting her husband. Joan annoys. Annie babbles about how she joined the CIA after the summer loving went bad and how she lives in her sister’s guest house. Mooch.

Arthur’s lackey Conrad eyes up a woman in a bar and describes her claddagh ring as a “vintage Irish heart ring” and misidentifies a crucifix. No wonder he was replaced by Jai in the next ep.

There is an unnecessary car chase and dinner party. Annie’s annoying sister thinks she works at the Smithsonian. Annie’s sister needs to shut up. An annoying reporter (Emmanuelle Vaugier of ‘Smallville’ and ‘Saw II’) annoys. Everyone lick-arses Annie. Joan rants like a nutcase leading to more chases and obvious plot twists. This was mediocre.

Walter’s Walk
Annie’s sister wants Annie to be her children’s guardian. The DPD have a new set. Annie debriefs walk-ins and meets a boy who intercepted a number station message. The bizarre anime like opening credits debut. Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy of ‘Heroes’) joins the DPD, he is CIA royalty. Conrad has gone without explanation. Joan moans.

The number station message leads to the IRA. Annie meets an M16 agent (Steven Brand of ‘The Scorpion King’) Joan moans some more – some of her insecurity is revealed. She stole Arthur from his first wife. Annie’s sister is a bitch. There is lazy writing. This was okay.

Sound Bound Suarez
Annie befriends Diego and his cod foreign accent (one of the dudes from ‘90210’). Diego has a sister Julia who is the mistress of a money launderer. Annie and the CIA threaten Diego and Julia into helping them. It gets violent in South America. This is okay.

Best Line:
You American women are all cougars with hot tubs.”

No Quarter
Annie’s in Zurich. An incident at the airport causes her to go to ground with Mossad agent Eyal Lavine (Oded Fehr). The snotty reporter Liza snots. Is she a TV or a print reporter?

Joan rants again. Who is Liza’s leak? Eyal and Annie crash a wedding reception to retrieve a briefcase. This was okay. So far this show is fluffy light entertainment.

Best Lines:
You redacted the sports page.”

“I’m horribly embarrassed by their inability to take us out.”
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