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Revenge 1x04 Review


Emily sees Hamptons shrink Dr Banks who is her latest revenge target. The shrink looks like a crack whore and tapes her sessions, something Emily takes advantage of. Charlotte prances around the stately Grayson mansion. She needs to wear more clothes and the Grayson mansion looks like a CGI creation. The anorexic tramp look-alike Declan annoys and woos Charlotte - it’s like something out of the sub par ‘True Love’.

There is another party and Daniel’s ‘friend’ Tyler plots to separate him and Emily. Emily recalls how after her father’s arrest her evil shrink Dr Banks kept her locked up and berated her. Dr Banks is going to get what is coming to her and the Hamptons dirty laundry (pain pills, vodka and unloved daughters) is aired in public.

Meanwhile Conrad keeps Lydia and Nolan pokes his nose in. This was good but the idiot sub plots that involve the scummy Declan and the pot stirring Tyler are more irritating than an ep of ‘Civil Wars’.

Best Lines:
“Family can be over-rated.”

“The rich and the demented.”

“My friends are important to me. Maybe if you were nicer to yours, you’d still have some.”
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