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Book Reviews: Irredeemable Volume 9 + In The Face of Death

Irredeemable Volume 9 created and written by Mark Waid

This is a crossover with ‘Incorruptible’ which I’ve never read. The Plutonian meets his parents and learns his origin story. Also we learn how the Plutonian helped turn an unhappy teenage boy into poser bad guy Max Damage. This was okay.

Best Line:
“Epiphany is not the same as absolution.”

In The Face of Death by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Saint-Germain’s other love Madelaine resides in America during the Civil War era and takes William Sherman as her lover. Despite plot potential, this was boring. This is the 4th clunker in the Saint-Germain cycle after ‘Midnight Harvest’, Come Twilight’ and ‘A Feast in Exile’. This was ill conceived drivel.
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