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The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole (1987) Episodes 2&3 Reviewed

Episode 2

Adrian goes on a blind date with Sharon Bott at the roller disco. Sharon is described as the school tart that will do it for 50 pence and a pound of grapes. Sadly Adrian flails around to the ‘2001’ music and the date is a disaster. The fact he wears a string vest does not help.

An annoying postman shows up. There is a special assembly at the school to announce the birth of Prince William. When Pandora asks: “How much will he cost Sir?” The bug eyed principle goes nuts and roars: “200 years ago you would have been burned at the stake for making such a comment!”

Queenie has a stroke and this leads to Adrian and Pandora getting back together. This was not good.

Best Lines:
“What’s wrong with Skegness? Skegness!”

“When did you realise you still loved me?”
“When I saw you ironing those horrible underpants. Only a superior type of youth could have done that.”

Episode 3

The Mole family go on holiday to Skegness. Adrian’s candyfloss is blown away by the wind and his parents laugh hysterically at him. The joy is short-lived as Mr Mole informs his wife and son that Doreen Slater has given birth to his son Brett. The holiday and the Mole marriage promptly go to hell.

Mrs Mole and Adrian have money issues. This was another bad ep; Lulu is terrible as Mrs Mole. This was the second Barry Kent free ep.

Best Lines:
Her room now looks like a scene from Bleak House.”

“Mother gone off again?”
“It’s my father this time.”
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