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Bedlam 2x02 + Breaking Bad 2x02 Reviewed

Bedlam 2x02
People ignore Ellie’s warning about a ghost in the swimming pool. Does everyone in the apartment complex have a conduct disorder? Bedlam has a bar and pool. An Olympic hopeful and her coach move in. Bad things happen. Ellie reveals she grew up in care. This was boring with bad acting.

The DEA are looking for Tuco. Hank is looking for the missing Walter. Jesse and Walter are being held hostage by the deranged Tuco and some creepy weird guy in a wheelchair. Marie is horrible, Jesse’s mother is an idiot and Tuco screams incoherently. Things get violent and this was terrible.

Best Lines:
Meth hag girlfriend.”

“You’re an insane degenerate piece of filth.”

“I think the very fact they haven’t found him yet bodes well...somebody would have smelt something by now.”
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