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‘The Bourne Legacy’ trailer
There was never just one. Well, I’m not caring.

‘Arrow’ trailer
Is that the Luthor mansion from ‘Smallville’? Our hero poses and makes menacing comments. This looks good.

Best Lines:
“I’m not the person they remember.”

“The Oliver you lost might not be the one they found.”

‘Sinbad’ trailer
This looks like a big pile of crap.

‘Homeland’ season 2 promo

Chernobyl Diaries’ Promo
This looks tasteless.

I am reading ‘In The Face Of Death’

I think I’ll skip ‘1636: The Kremlin Games’.

I remember the 10 part ‘Roswell High’ book series with fondness. Roswell where school was an entirely different experience. The TV show was terrible BTW.

‘Prometheus’ quote:
“Why do you hate us?”

The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole’ (novel) Quotes:
The television was switched off so I knew something serious had happened.”

“I predict that Channel Four will transform British society. All the morons in the country will start watching it, and get a taste for education and culture!”

‘Don’t Trust The B---- in Apartment 23’ Quotes:
“Oh don’t bother; I already ate all the pills from underneath the coach.”

“No! Find another way to express that!”

‘Xena Warrior Princess’ Quote:
“Where did you steal that dress...maybe some day you can go back for the rest of it.”
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