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Revenge 1x03 Review


Declan (the prat from ‘Stake Land’) is a blight on this show and made this ep all but unwatchable. Victoria plots and misses David. Jack and Declan’s dad is dead. Declan does not care as he is a jackass who needs shooting. A senator visit’s the Grayson’s, he was the prosecutor who convicted David Clarke even after he found out David was innocent.

Why was David Clarke framed as a terrorist conspirator? He’s described as “terrible man”, a “monster” and “the most hated man in America”. But why was he framed? Nolan does Hollywood hacking. Sammy the dog must be very old. Ashley shows off her scousebrow and Daniel’s obnoxious college buddy Travis shows up.

Emily gets revenge on the former prosecutor with some unexpected help. It is also revealed that she helped set Lydia’s divorce in motion. This was not good mostly due to way too much Declan.

Best Lines:
“You scare me.”

“Down he goes.”
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