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The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole (1987) Episode One Reviewed

Adrian is back and as morose as ever. Gordon Brown has nothing on this kid. Adrian reads his poem: ‘The Discontented Tuna’ and longs for Pandora who can’t act. The Falklands War rages prompting Barry Kent to wear a Union Jack T-shirt to school. Barry Kent is sent home in disgrace as Adrian smirks. One of the two will become a world famous poet. Which one? Hint: not Adrian.

Mrs Mole (now played by the OTT Lulu) is knocked up. Bert has married Queenie and Mr Mole’s bit on the side Doreen Slater aka Stick Insect is also knocked up. Adrian’s terrible parents neglect and berate him. Even his grandmother tells him he looked like a cross between Winston Churchill and a rabid dog as a baby. Then just when Adrian thinks his life can’t get any worse - Pandora kicks him to the curb. This was good.

Best Lines:
“It could burst and take my brain with it.”

“Barry Kent makes love to hundreds of housewives on his father’s milk round.”

“If you wish you may touch my hem.”
“Would it be possible to touch your shoulder strap?”
“No darling, we must wait until we’ve got our O Levels.”

“What’s this fester in this jar?”
“It’s beetroot.”

“The jack boot of fascism stalks the land.”

“I pity my father having married my mother.”

“Home Kent!”

“We can’t take the risk of having another baby like Adrian.”
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