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Book Reviews: Last Days + Plagues of Night + Borne In Blood

Last Days by Adam Neville

After the disappointment of ‘The Ritual’, the ‘Apartment 16’ author returns to form with this tale of the legacy of a murderous cult. Kyle is a desperate wannabe indie auteur filmmaker. He is hired to make a documentary about a notorious murderous cult.

The infamous Temple of the Last Days cult committed a night of atrocity in 1975 and Kyle is visiting its former bases and interviewing the few surviving escapees. Kyle grows ever more worried as he prices together a tale of control, murder and unholy rituals.

Too late Kyle realises he is caught up in the vestiges of the cult which has a far longer and far darker history then he could imagine. This is very good nightmare tale. It’s creepy and disturbing.

Best Lines:
Broke through to something that should never have been contacted.”

“Urania was the one I told you gave up a big inheritance to the Temple. Millions. Every penny. Used to think on that when I saw her knee-deep in a dumpster in Yuma, fetching garbage out to feed her child.”

“They never said what the Night of Ascent was, but me and Bridgette didn’t like the sound of it. You know, it just had that tone.”

“You know what still walks in the house on Clarendon Road.”

Star Trek Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by David R. George III

This is badly written, full of exposition dumps and mischaracterizations. This is yet another mis-step in the ‘Typhon Pact’ series after ‘Rough Beasts of Empire’ and ‘Paths of Disharmony’.

The Typhon Pact continue to be EVIL, people are stupid and annoying, Bashir treads water, Sisko’s bizarre personality change goes on and the Typhon Pact make another strike due to the UFP being dumb. This was badly written and offensively stupid.

Borne in Blood by Chelsea Quinn Yarbo

It is 1817 and Saint-Germain resides in Switzerland. Europe is recovering from the wreckage left by the Napoleonic Wars. Saint-Germain’s latest paramour Hero was left widowed by the war. Her father-in-law who dislikes her has taken her children away from her and is turning them against her.

Saint-Germain’s publishing business is booming. One of the books he published is by a nobleman named Von Ravensberg who studies blood. Von Ravensberg has taken in his young nieces who were orphaned by the war but his motives are not in their best interest.

As society changes and rebuilds in the aftermath of Napoleon, a confrontation is brewing. This is very enjoyable as Saint-Germain dwells on how his very long life has allowed him to be more than he would have been otherwise.
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