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Revenge 1x02 + Bones 7x13 + Bedlam 2x01 + Breaking Bad 2x01 Reviewed

There is polo playing as Emily sets her sights on Bill, a hedge fund dude. Bill was Uncle Bill to Amanda and best friends with her dad but betrayed them. Ugly squealing Nolan hangs around like a bad smell and the poor prat Declan annoys.

Charlotte annoys. Nolan pays Jack to hang out with him and Lydia moans to Conrad that her affair with him caused the fidelity clause on her pre-nup to kick in. She’s poor! Jack and Declan’s dad is useless. Declan is a selfish tool who needs shooting.

Victoria tries to get rid of Emily. Bill is tricked into taking a dive. The Hamptonites are as fake as Elton John’s hair. Emily and Daniel go on a date. Victoria is dangerously genre savvy and the hateful whiny punk Declan is blight on this show. This was okay.

Best Line:
“Thanks for picking me up on the street corner like a prostitute.”

The Past in the Present
Pelant is back to cause mayhem for no clear reason. Sweets needs to shut up. Ethan sawyer is dead and the evidence piles up against Brennan. Flynn (Reed Diamond of ‘Dollhouse’ and ‘Journeyman’) looks mean.

Angela will not stop calling people sweetie. There is no mention of Zack. Brennan’s co-workers act like morons. There is a salvia black light message – is that a ‘Lost’ homage? Brennan makes a decision. This was good apart from the fact Pelant’s lawyer couldn’t act.

Best Lines:
Oh that is so creepy.”

“If you want to free him after reading this, be my guest.”

Bedlam 2x01
I didn’t watch series 1. Ellie (Lacey Turner of ‘Eastenders’ and ‘Being Human’) sees dead people. This causes her fiancé Andy (James Sutton of ‘Hollyoaks’) to do a runner. Ellie ends up living in her car. Meanwhile Bedlam Heights the luxury apartment complex built in a converted loony bin is renamed Brightmoor.

Various characters skip around. Kate, her pervy dad, his bimbo girlfriend and mean assistant. Bedlam is the most haunted house in Britain and someone is maintaining a ‘Bedlam Watch’ blog. Ellie ends up living in Bedlam and is chased by big bad ghosts. The local weirdo Max is weird. People have visions and something is going on at Bedlam/Brightmoor. This was okay.

Best Lines:
Another exciting day at Bedlam Heights.”

“The time you told my dad it was your drugs he found in my room.”
“One, one of the times.”

“People said he had issues but I like to keep an open mind.”

Seven Thirty-Seven
Walt and Jesse have sold their blue meth (that looks like bath crystals) to the ridiculously crazy Tuco now they plan to kill him. Villain protagonist Walt is creepy and the dim bulb Jesse twitches. The horrible horrible Marie annoys. Hero arch nemesis Hank and the DEA look into the burglary that Walt and Jesse carried out. Skyler has had it with her vile brat sister. Walt isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. This was uh uh with over done wannabe arty direction.

Best Lines:
“They’re cooking old school biker meth.”

“My spoilt kleptomaniac bitch sister who somehow always manages to be the centre of attention.”

“That degenerate snorts anything he gets his hands on.”
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