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Quotes of The Day

A TV show based on ‘Scream’? I’d watch that.

I am reading ‘Exit Sherlock Holmes’

There will be no review of ‘The Near Witch’.

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“He owns the kind of house Jean-Claude Van Damme would live in.”

“Daddy are you shooting mom’s favourite china again?”

“You’re the one that brought a ferocious sea creature into the house. Since when do we pay a hundred dollars for food that can bite back?”

Desperate Housewives’ Quote:
This dress cost more than your houses, put together.”

“Not a good day to hand her a knife.”

“Most people just go on day after day trying in vain to keep secrets that will never stay hidden.”

Don’t Trust The B---- in Apartment 23’ Quotes:
“I don’t have no plant.”

“I’m all about the goldfish. Wanna have sex?”

“I got an assistant.”
“What? How can you afford that?”
“Oh it’s free, I got a foster child.”

“I left my last home when 20/20 broke down the door to do an expose.”

“Ma’am please don’t pour that coffee down the hole. Where do you think the liquid goes?”

“Lucky lucky sterile Michelle.”

“Your breath smells when you yell.”

“I used the It’s Just Beans security footage of you shaking Molly to prove to Child Services that you’re an unfit mother.”

Down Under’ Quote:
This is a country that loses a Prime Minister and that is so vast and empty that a band of amateur enthusiasts could conceivably set off the world’s first non-governmental atomic bomb on its mainland and almost four years would pass before anyone noticed.”
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