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Book Reviews: The Third Day The Frost + Storming Heaven + The Last Four Things + New Girl

The Third Day, The Frost by John Marsden

The 3rd in the ‘Tomorrow Series’. Ellie and co leave Hell with some vague plan to do something. They reunite with Kevin and boring stuff happens. Kevin is rescued, there is an attack on Cobbler’s Bay, death and capture but this is just bad and the dated pop culture references and bizarre slang do not help.

Best Line:
“Stallone had a lot to answer for.”

Star Trek Vanguard: Storming Heaven by David Mack

This is the 8th and final novel in the ‘Vanguard’ saga. Vanguard uses powerful alien technology, the Klingons have their own agenda, the Shedai plan to regain their former supremacy and the Tholians want the Shedai and Vanguard gone.

All these agendas collide as the saga comes to a bitter bloody end. The fallout of which will last for generations. This is a good explosive finale.

Best Lines:
“We must destroy those objects before the Federation’s deluded scientist make the mistake of using them.”

“I see you found the fast track back to the gutter.”

The Last Four Things by Paul Hoffman

This is the uninspiring sequel to the wonderful ‘The Left Hand of God’. Cale is told he is the Angel of Death and put in charge of an army and tasked with ending the world. Various boring things happen and I don’t care if this is set in a post-apoc world or an alternate history. I just do not care.

New Girl by Paige Harbison

The new girl at Manderley academy is not happy. Everyone compares her to the missing Queen Bee Becca. Everyone loved the perfect, popular, beautiful Becca especially Max her adoring boyfriend. The new girl is found wanting in comparison to Becca but flashbacks show that Becca was not perfect or adored. In fact she was toxic and contaminated everything she touched. This updating of ‘Rebecca’ starts out well but goes downhill due to vile characters and unlikely plot twists.
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