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‘The Apparition’ trailer
A group of idiots create a supernatural entity by the power of belief. This looks good and better than ‘The Pact’.

Best Lines:
“We opened a door and it came through.”

“It wants to be in our world.”

‘The Watch’ trailer
Looks crap.

The Hollow Crown’ promo
Looks good

‘The Amazing Spiderman’ trailer
No-one gets suspicious about the football?

‘Revolution’ trailer
JJ Abrams new show looks very good, let us hope that this is not this years ‘Terra Nova’ or ‘The Event’. The power goes out forever. Some people knew it was going to happen. 15 years pass and society has adapted but batteries don’t work for some reason. Cities are ruined, people carry knives and crossbows, there are militias and warlords. A girl has to save her idiot brother with the help of an annoying smug uncle. And some people still have working tech. David Lyons of ‘The Cape’ is in this. If this is based on the S.M. Stirling novels why is there no mention of him?

Best Line:
“It’s going to turn off and it will never ever turn back on.”

There will be no reviews of: ‘This is Not a Test’, ‘Cursed’, ‘Shift’ or ‘Beauty Queens’. I will review: ‘Age of Odin’, ‘Grim Tides’ and season 1 of ‘Covert Affairs’

I may review ‘Primeval’ series 5 just to see how bad it can get.

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“All his talent is in those cans.”

“He might not be a Michael, but he can be a Tito or a Reggie.”

“It’s dangerous to get medical advice from a TV comedy.”

“When you guys walked in here, I thought for sure you were looking for oxycontin.”

‘Bones’ Quotes:
“If you have a useful talent, why are you an actor?”

“He made me sleep in a kennel with his dog when he went on vacation.”

“You’re perfectly capable of recognising your own inadequacies.”

“That certainly sounds hostile.”

“You said you loved looking at the ocean from the hotel.”
“I do as long as I don’t think about the faecal contamination from improperly handled run off.”

“Canadians shouldn’t gloat.”

‘Don’t Trust The B---- in Apartment 23’ Quotes:
“This morning ritual is apparently called a hooker’s toothbrush.”

“I’d feel bad for you if I hadn’t just frenched your father.”

“All these girls and the dude in the mesh tank top would clearly have sex with you.”
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