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Book Reviews: Juggernaut + Forgotten History

Juggernaut by Adam Baker

The prequel to ‘Outpost’. It is Iraq 2005 and a group of greedy scummy mercenaries trek deep into the desert in search of gold. They want a last big score before retiring. But in ancient ruins they find a terrible secret and greed and betrayal sets catastrophic events in motion.

This is a good creepy novel that gives lots of unnerving hints about the origin of the ‘virus’. I hope there is another book in this series.

Best Line:
Perhaps something found them, out there alone in the dark. Something found its way aboard and made a home.”

Star Trek Department of Temporal Investigations: Forgotten History by Christopher L. Bennett

This 2nd ‘DTI’ novel is both a prequel and a sequel. A mysterious ship named Timeship Two appears in Federation territory. It is from the past but there is no evidence that it ever existed. Agents Dulmur and Lucsly investigate.

The duo uncovers a time travel mystery dating back to the time of the DTI’s founding and its bete noir Kirk. This is a good if techno babble laden read with some out of character acts by Spock. After a number of below par trek novels so far this year, this is a return to from. I hope ‘Plagues of Night’, ‘Raise the Dawn’, ‘False Gods’ and ‘The Eternal Tide’ are as good.

Best Line:
“It’s Kirk. Giving him knowledge of future technology is like giving a flamethrower to a pyromaniac!”
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