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Movie Review: Case 39 (2009)

Emily (Rene Zellweger) a potato faced social worker is given a 39th case to handle by her boss Wayne (Adrian Lester). She meets Lily a girl whose mother is disconnected and whose father Edward (Callum Keith Rennie of ‘Harper’s Island’ and ‘Blade: Trinity’) is weird. Emily worries and gets her cop pal Mike (Ian McShane of 'Hot Rod' and ‘Kings’) to help her when she fears Lily is in peril.

Emily fosters Lily and her boyfriend Doug (Bradley Cooper) counsels the child. But soon bad things happen as Lily acts strange. Emily loses control, twitches and melts down as OTT camp prevails. This was okay.

Best Lines:
Sometimes when our parents aren’t getting along, it’s better if they spend some time apart. That’s what a restraining order does.”

“I think her mom and dad were barricading themselves in their room at night.”

“What does she want?”
“To know what your idea of hell is. And make you live there.”

“Shut the f--- up you miserable, miserable woman before I come and beat your ass like you beat your son! I have your address! Think about that before you call and swear at me!”
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