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Fringe 1x10 Review

'Fringe' reminds me of that old Peter Wingfield show 'Strange World' which was also about science out of control. This ep ties the plots of previous eps together as thieves loot a safety deposit box by walking through the wall of a bank using the device from 'The Equation'. During the robbery, one thief gets stuck in the wall and that's when Olivia and her team are called in. One does wonder, how do the Pattern power their high tech toys?

Olivia has some problems as she is twitching and confusing John Scott's memories with her own. Nina Sharp and Massive Dynamic have realised that Olivia has John's memories and the creepy prisoner from 'In Which We Meet Mr Jones' seems to know too as he wants her. Soon everything goes haywire as Walter realises the looted security boxes are his, years ago he hid the pieces of a time machine he built in them. Peter accept this violation of the natural laws of the universe, what he can't accept is Walter's story about how he was very sick as a child.

Meanwhile the time machine is used to bust Mr Jones out of his German prison (after he kills his cadaverous non-German lawyer James Frain and steals his suit) and transport him to Little Hill. Now that's a prison break even Michael Schofield couldn't have dreamt up. Meanwhile Mr Jones' henchmen have abducted Olivia. And there events are left until new episodes air. This was good, the bigger picture is emerging. Who is Mr Jones? What is the Pattern? What is Massive Dynamic's agenda? What is up with Peter? Why does everyone want Olivia?
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