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Happy Families (1985) 1x01 + Breaking Bad 1x06 Reviewed


This BBC sitcom only ran for one series was cancelled to make way for ‘Red Dwarf’. It was written by Ben Elton and starred Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French and Adrian Edmondson (of ‘The Young Ones’). However unlike ‘Girls on Top’ or ‘Let Them Eat Cake’, this was an unfunny disaster.

The vile old Granny Fuddle (Saunders) torments her grandson Guy (Edmondson) while cook (French overacting) and the weird maid hang around being weird. Granny Fuddle is a horrible, horrible old woman who hates Guy and berates him for being: “A half baked prat”

Guy had four sisters (Cassie, Madeline, Joyce and Roxanne) who were mysteriously sent away years ago. Cassie is now a noxious US soap star, Madeline is a half wit living in France with a perverted poet, Joyce is a dim nun and Roxanne is a jailbird.

When Granny Fuddle’s horrible doctor (Stephen Fry) tells her she is dying, she orders “sponging git” Guy to track down and bring home his sisters. Guy desperate for affection and to find out what happened to his mother and why his sisters were sent away agrees. Thus ends episode one. This was terrible. It is a morass of bad acting, unnecessary cameos, shouting, misogynistic humour and general awfulness.

Best Lines:
I think we ought to bury him.”
“What on earth for?”
“Because he’s dead.”

“Don’t call me dad, an adequate settlement was made.”

“What is wrong with this family?”

“You will undoubtedly starve under a hedge.”

Crazy Handful of Nothin

Walter and Jesse cook more meth. Walter doesn’t care about who buys it, but finds the selling part more difficult as he tangles with yet another crazy dealer. Walter is a screaming harpy jackass as Jesse gets beat up and he has to go to family counselling. Walter shaves his head and looks like a thumb with ears.

The DEA learn about the thefts from the school. Walter sees someone who was nice to him take the fall for his deeds, but does not care due to his grotesque levels of self involvement. Everything is grim and hopeless. This was terrible - everyone is loud and obnoxious.

Best Lines:
“What do I look like? Scarface?”

“Two words for you: background check.”
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