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Trailers & Quotes of the Day

Dark Night of the Scarecrow’ (1985) trailer
This TV movie is not good.

‘Arrow’ trailer
Now this I’d watch. Our hero and his weird beard are rescued from a North China sea island after 5 years and returns to Starling City. He decides to fight the bad dudes while a cop (TV’s Harry Dresden!) is after him. It looks good certainly better than the AWFUL Green Arrow character that stank up ‘Smallville’.

Best Lines:
“Every last one of them will wish I died on that island.”

“Tell me you saw that.”

‘Revenge’ 1x22 promo
Looks good.

Skyfall’ teaser
Looks crap.

The Possession’ trailer
An aged Jeffrey Dean Morgan and an antique box and a demon. Looks silly.

‘The Great Gatsby’ (2012) trailer
This actually looks good.

Blade: The Series’ was a non-event while ‘Point Pleasant’ was unfairly overlooked.

Sanctuary’ cancelled – no shock there.

Coming soon: reviews of ‘Bedlam’ series 2.

I am reading ‘Dead Reckoning’.

‘The Lost Stories of Sherlock Holmes’ was one of the worst books ever.

Veronica Mars’ Quote:
My only concern is property values going down if anybody sees you at my house without a leaf blower or a skimmer.”

Point Pleasant’ Quotes:
“When I pictured evil personified, you’re more fluffy then what leaps to mind. Are you sure you’re up to the job?”

“Go ahead take one more step forward. See if I can make her head explode with my mind. It may not work but it would be fun to try.”

‘Babylon 5’ Quote:
“The last time you vouched for a doctor friend of yours: we had three dead bodies, half the station was trashed...war machine burning through decks and shooting at everything.”

‘2 Broke Girls’ Quotes:
I don’t have the money to be a real alcoholic.”

“Cutting pictures out of magazines isn’t just for serial killers anymore.”

‘Don’t Trust The B---- In Apartment 23’ Quotes:
“I screwed your fiancée on your birthday cake and I’m going to be late with my half of the rent.”

“It’s just like on Friends.”

“Adopt a looting mentality.”

“We missed our last three mortgage payments, but no pressure honey!”

“You said something really disturbing and then you slammed the door?”

“I was going to help you but then I didn’t want to.”

“Don’t be a blonde dude in a Vietnamese jail.”
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