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Book Reviews: A Dangerous Climate + The Book of Blood & Shadow + The Hunt + The Nightmare Thief

A Dangerous Climate by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

1704, Saint-Germian returns to Russia masquerading as a Hungarian Count accompanying a Polish spy who is pretending to be his wife. They live in the swampy building site that will one day be Saint Petersburg.

Saint-Germain has to carry out his spy duties, cope with his volatile fellow spy and keep up the masquerade that he is human. Saint Petersburg is full of shadow games and the harsh conditions and bad weather make matters worse. But as always Saint-Germain finds a woman to care for.

This is an okay tale but much goes unanswered at the end. This is not one of Yarbro’s stronger efforts. The Saint-Germain stories are written to a formula which is really obvious in this novel.

The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman

This started out promisingly enough. A group of friends help a batty old professor decode a mysterious Renaissance book. Then someone is murdered, people fall mysteriously ill, someone vanishes and one girl is left to make sense of it all.

It leads her to Prague where romance rears its ugly head and the mystery falls part into contrivance and soppy romance. This was a waste of my time.

Best Line:
“He stopped ranting about how he would show them all and get out of this hellhole and die at Harvard, where he belonged.”

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

This is an unholy mash up of ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Hunger Games’. Our narrator lives in a society where vampires dominate. Whether this is an alternate world or a post apoc society is not clear. Our tool narrator has managed to hide the fact that he is a heper aka human for years. But when he is selected to take part in a heper hunt, he knows his secret is about to come out.

This has an intriguing premise but falls apart. The vampires are madder than a sack of ferrets so how did they create a society? The questions of poo, pee and periods are not addressed and the ‘plot twists’ are noting of the sort. This was a massive disappointment.

The Nightmare Thief by Meg Gardiner

The 4th Jo Beckett thriller is a horrible failure. Autumn Reiniger is a spoilt Paris Hilton type go gets a ‘crime spree experience’ game for her 21st birthday. But real life kidnappers crash the game and Autumn is in peril.

Jo Beckett just happens to be walking by at the time and gets caught up in it. Boring crap happens. This is a crossover with Gardiner’s other thriller series but I could care less.
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