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Movie Reviews: Outlaw + Dog Soldiers

Outlaw (2007)
Sean Bean, Danny Dyer and Lennie James (of ‘Jericho’) are sick of chavs. So they decide to improve craphole London by beating up chavs as Bean glowers. This is grim and not very nice.

Dog Soldiers (2002)

Soldiers v werewolves in the backwoods of Scotland!

A group of soldiers are carrying out an exercise in the woods of Scotland. Wells (Sean Pertwee) is the leader and his BFF is Cooper (Kevin McKidd). ‘Hardboiled’ dialogue is exchanged before the soldiers stumble across injured special ops prat Ryan (Liam Cunningham of 'Outcasts').

They soon end up hiding out in a house in the middle of nowhere as werewolves attack. An annoying woman hangs around, Wells needs his injury tended to, Ryan acts snotty and the werewolves have the munchies. This was okay. It could have been worse I could have been watching ‘Doomsday’ or ‘10,000 BC’.

Best Lines:
“You look like you took on Jack The Ripper and came last.”

“Where’s Bruce?”
“He’s all over there.”

“I’m still not convinced than these things didn’t just escape from the local nuthouse and forget to shave or trim their nails
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