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Book Review: Evil Dark + Twins of Evil + Communion Blood

Evil Dark: An Occult Crimes Unit Investigation by Justin Gustainis

This is the follow up to ‘Hard Spell’. A series of murders are taking place in Scranton. Stan Markowski investigates and uncovers nutters, demons, mercenaries and a whole host of bizarreness. This is a good enjoyable read.

Best Line:
The wizard had better hope the demon never got out of the circle, or he was going to be a long time dying - and death would only be the beginning.”

Twins of Evil by Shaun Hutson

A novelisation of the 1971 Hammer movie. Identical twins Maria and Frieda arrive in Karnstein to live with their aunt and her fanatical witch burning husband. Maria is docile and good while Frieda is wild and untamed. Frieda seeks out the decadent Count Karnstein for adventure and gets more than she bargained for. The Count and Frieda cause mayhem until they are brought low.

This is an enjoyable pulpy tale but questions remain. Who was the vampire killing people before the Count became one? If the twins are 21 why are they at school?

Best Lines:
“Have you ever thought that you might have helped to beat the devil into her?”

“The way you appeared, ranting and raving, I was fearful for her state of mind.”
“Woman, in what state of mind do you think I was?”

Communion Blood by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Set some time after the events of ‘Mansions of Darkness’, Saint-Germain is called to Rome by Niklos Aurilios. Niklos was Olivia’s loyal servant and inherited her fortune after her death in ‘A Candle for D’Artagnan’. But now a man claming to be the long lost true heir has shown up.

Niklos and Saint-Germain work to prevent Olivia’s vast estates being stolen by a fraud. Meanwhile elsewhere in Rome, a debauched family are about to come into Saint-Germain’s life and wreck havoc. This is a very good tale of 17th century baroque Rome.

Saint-Germain is as long suffering as ever as he deals with yet another woman-as-noble-burden and has a flirtation with a silly opera singer. He also mourns Olivia as he restores the old house he lived in back in ‘Blood Games’. It is however not made clear if Olivia’s remains were recovered or what became of them.
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