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Why is everything getting axed?

Awake’ has been axed. Well, that didn’t take long did it? ‘Ringer’ and ’The Secret Circle’ axed, oh come on that is not cool! Siobhan has to get her’s and Adam has to go evil. ‘CSI: Miami’ also axed - WTF is the world coming to?!?

Reviews Forthcoming for: ‘Black Opera’, ‘Head Rush’, ‘The Grass King’s Concubine’, ‘The Eternal Tide’, ‘Ring of Fire III’, ‘Exit Sherlock Holmes’, ‘Honor Blade’, ‘Brinkmanship’, ‘Masque of the Red Death’, ‘New Girl’, ‘The Hunt’, ‘Outlaw’ and ‘Case 39’.

I won’t be reviewing: ‘1.4’ or ‘Hart of Dixie’ (ugh)

I like butterscotch chocolate vanilla fudge.

I am reading ‘A Dangerous Climate’.
‘Happy Endings’ Quotes:

“I haven’t see anything that unnecessarily complicated since the third season of Lost.”

“You look like a hooker I slept with in Korea.”
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