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The Secret Circle 1x21 + Fringe 4x21 Reviewed


Nick is alive and still can‘t act. Jake is jackass. Cassie is a selfish twit. There is another school dance. John torments Charles. Diana’s annoying man candy returns. Cassie and Diana see visions of their mothers in 1995.

It seemed there was a spate of teen pregnancies in 1995. Ethan and Amelia were panting over each other. So who was Adam’s mother? John caused all the pregnancies. Amelia was a selfish moron, like mother like daughter. Diana has had it with Cassie.

Adam gets thrown into a trophy cabinet and has not a scratch on him. Diana learns her dad’s deep dark secret. John plots. Eben the cheesy big bad shows up. There is a cliffhanger. This was good.

Best Line:
“He’s building a circle for himself.”

Brave New World part 1

People drop dead. Walter and Olivia bond with Jessica (Rebecca Mader of ‘Lost’ who still can’t act). There is so much sap with Jessica, I was convinced she would turn out to be a baddie.

David Robert Jones isn’t the big bad, he is a minion. Walter is a jackass. Someone dies and someone is shot. This was okay apart from the sap and stupidity.
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