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Persons Unknown 1x12 & 1x13 Reviewed

And Then There Was One

The emasculated Liam pervs over Janet. Joe is aggressive violent lout of a liar who is still keeping secrets. Body bags show up, someone dies, the abductees yell and gurn. Meanwhile Kat and Renbe uncover the Mansfield Institute which is behind all the goings on and makes spectacles of themselves. There is an OTT over elaborate escape attempt. This was okay.

Shadows In The Cave

The abductees have escaped. Janet is in a hospital remembering how her ex was not happy with her pregnancy. Moira and Erika are somehow hiding out in Morocco. Kat and Renbe nearly meet Charles and Bill. Everyone has forgotten Tori.

Kat and Renbe get tasered. Janet is reunited with her daughter for a short while. Robert Picardo of ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ shows up in a bad wig to large ham. Janet’s mother is in on it, whatever it is. Kat winds up in a cage in a prison camp next to Ambassador Fairchild.

Grant is in the white room. Joe, Renbe and others end up in the town as a new programme begins and Tori is the night manager. Somehow Janet, Moira, Erika, Charles, Grant and Bill end up on a ship in the middle of the ocean and are told: “Welcome to Level Two.”

There it ends. WTF was all this about? WTF was the point? Why are people being abducted and brainwashed in fake small towns? This was a terrible ep that ended a mostly terrible series that was nothing but grinding emptiness in the end.

Best Line:
“Find the town, find the programme.”
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