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Trailers and Stuff

‘Prometheus’ trailer
This looks good. Freaky looking stuff going on. It has to better than the 4th ‘Alien’ movie.

‘The Dictator’ promo
All in the worst possible taste, but funny.

Snow White & The Huntsman’ trailer
I actually want to see this now, it looks good.

‘The Amazing Spiderman’ trailer
The rebooted Spiderman is a whiny punk in a hoodie with Bieber hair. He rides a skateboard and I hope the police finally catch him. The costume is idiotic looking. Dr Connors and George Stacey need to beat his ass. Emma Stone needs to go away. This does not impress me and the spider bite wasn’t an accident? Whatever.

I will not be reading ‘Robocalypse’ or ‘Leviathan Wakes’. I will review: ‘Twins of Evil’ (the book).

I tried Madonna’s perfume, did not like it.

I am reading ‘Irenicon’.
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