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Ringer 1x22 + Breaking Bad 1x03 + Persons Unknown 1x11 Reviewed

I’m the Good Twin

Bridget dreams of the vow renewal and she is wearing a hideous dress and veil. She decides to reveal her real identity to Andrew and Juliet. Meanwhile Henry wants to move to Chicago. Victor gets his job back. Jimmy and Macawi show up for a reckoning.

Henry and Siobhan have a ‘Maury’ moment over the twins’ paternity. Thanks to her scheming Siobhan ends up broke, homeless and alone. She decides she wants her old life back, so much for her cunning revenge ploy.

Bridget comes clean and finally learns her sister is alive and of her revenge ploy. We cut to the end credits before a stream of terrible swear words can come from Bridget. This was good even is some characters were cretins. Is this renewed or what? I hope so.

Best Lines:
“I don’t think you would fare too well in jail.”

“This ain’t Brokeback Mountain pal.”

“Does anything come out of your mouth that is actually the truth?”

...And The Bag’s In The River

All the characters in this show need to be punched so hard they see god. Walter has to scrub up the melted body and kill crazy 8. Jesse storms off to be a noxious horrible troll. Walter pours the melted body down the toilet – wouldn’t it clog?

He sort of bonds with crazy 8 and plans to let him go. However he realises that crazy 8 is playing him. Skyler thinks Walter Jnr is smoking pot and has her DEA brother in law introduce him to a crack whore to scare him straight. This was boring. The over hyped first ‘Smash’ ep was better than this.

Best Line:
“The coin flip is sacred!”

Seven Sacrifices

Janet has freaky dreams. Charles (Alan Ruck of ‘Star Trek: Generations’ and ‘Ferris Buller’s Day Off’) and Bill resist Liam’s overtures. Kat and Renbe arrive home. Kat is fired and evicted. Renbe is locked up; he does not care about his daughter.

Liam tells Janet his back story and shows her the secret rooms. Joe is ineffective and resorts to violence. This was abominable with bad acting. Renbe stares at a thumb. The abductees are in Town 27 – how many towns are there? The Director plans to flush the entire town including Liam. I just do not care, it could be worse though. I could be listening to Ane Brun.
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