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Some more meanderings on old Trek novels

We’re into ‘The Next Generation’ era now. ‘Strike Zone’ by Peter David: a century old dispute, mind controlling aliens and Wesley Crusher being driven into brain fever make up this very funny book. ‘A Rock And A Hard Place’ by Peter David: Commander Stone replaces Riker as XO. Stone is a manipulative nut and trouble maker and an obvious Calhoun precursor. This was good. ‘The Eyes of the Beholders’ by A.C. Crispin: the Enterprise encounters an alien art museum but the aliens were Lovecraftian horrors and the sight of their art turns the crew catatonic. This is excellent. ‘Boogeyman’ by Mel Gilden: Wesley causes a holodeck malfunction in this good tale. ‘Balance of Power’ by Dafydd Ab Hugh: Picard chases a super weapon as Wesley becomes disenchanted by Starfleet. This was good.

‘The Death of Princes by John Peel: Dr Crusher fights a plague while Troi becomes mixed up in a first contact gone wrong. This is good. ‘Intellivore’ by Diane Duane: the ship investigates a menace. This is okay not as good as her earlier stuff. ‘Double or Nothing’ by Peter David: this was part of the ‘Double Helix’ saga which was one of those massive crossover events the publishers used to do. Picard and Calhoun team up to fight those who’ve been creating bio weapons

Section 31: Rogue’ by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin: Picard encounters his old friends from the ep ‘Tapestry’ and runs across Section 31. Picard goes on a speech making rant. Apart from Picard’s hypocrisy this was good. ‘The Battle of Betazed’ by Charlotte Douglas and Susan Kearney: an excellent tale of the invasion, occupation and eventual liberation of Betazed during the Dominion War.

Resistance’ by J.M. Dillard: Riker and Troi have headed off to Titan so Picard gets new crew members. Just as the old and new crew are gelling, the Borg return. This was good. ‘Q&A’ by Keith R.A. DeCandido: Q returns and Picard is an idiot. This was okay. ‘Before Dishonor’ by Peter David: the Borg show up again, a ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ cast member is killed off, Picard’s crew get fed up with him and mutiny. This was very good. Finally ‘The Devil’s Heart’ by Carmen Carter: is a tale of a legendary artefact which has played a part in many planet’s histories. Picard becomes obsessed with finding it but the artefact has its own agenda. This is excellent.
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