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Movie Review: Speed Racer (2008)

Speed Racer (2008)

From the darkness of 'V for Vendetta' to the neon-brightness of this adaptation of a cartoon. Speed Racer races cars for his parents business. His parents are the worst parents ever, but that's another story. Speed is haunted by the memory of his older brother Rex who died in a hideous, fiery hellpit of a race car crash years earlier. So now Speed is determined to be a great racer like Rex with the help of Mom, Pops, the family mechanic who lives with them, his girlfriend Trixie and his little brother and his pet chimp.

As Speed endures his parents terrible dialogue and the unfunny antics of the horrible child actor who plays his younger brother, he learns of the giant conspiracy behind his beloved racing world. Speed determines to save the day and is assisted by the icily stoic Racer X (Matthew Fox, who looks real good in black leather).

After lots of car races, bad acting, sap and overly bright epileptic fit inducing SFX, Speed saves the day unaware that Racer X is Rex. This was an okay film with a unique hyper-realistic look and it has Matthew Fox in black leather, but it all adds up to nothing really.
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