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The Secret Circle 1x20 + Fringe 4x20 Reviewed


I’m close to giving up on this show. Jane is dead and the gang blame the witch hunters. Diana does not want to be the snotty Cassie’s sister. Jake is loud and inappropriate. Cassie makes Jane’s death all about her. Charles freaks over Diana’s paternity.

There is sparkly CGI, Adam looks for his family crystal, Charles punches John and an unwashed witch hunter with Bieber hair shows up to annoy. Is Isaac dead? There is a revelation. This was okay.

Best Line:
“My father slept with half of Chance Harbor.”

“Dark magic super twins.”

Worlds Apart

Walter does a summation of Jones’ evil plans. What about the future shown in 4x19? How does that tie into Jones’ plans? The cortexiphan kids surface as Jones’ private army. There are no rainbows in the alt universe. Lincoln Lee annoys. The gang are a pack of idiots. Peter cares little about his real family. We finally get a Walter/Walternate scene and it is a massive letdown. Thanks TPTB for the stupid show wrecking timeline change. This was dull.
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