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Persons Unknown 1x08 - 1x10 Reviewed


Joe is in a white room being re-educated by his bosses. The stupid Janet pines for him and does not care that she killed someone. Meanwhile Kat and Renbe visit a nut house. Joe does not care that Janet killed his friend, he loves her.

Joe hallucinates and we learn his bizarre back-story. Also the abductees are candidates for something and someone is not dead. I’m being reminded of that old 90s show ‘VR5’ which made about as much sense as this show but was infinitely better. Kat’s bizarre personality changes goes on and one abductee could escape but decides to stay. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I am what they need me to be.”

“This is not going to end well.”


Joe returns to town with his convict haircut and surly new attitude. Janet loves the violent lying Joe and pines over him. An annoying git named Liam is the new overseer who watches and annoys. What is the 10th level and why should I care?

Kat and Renbe do boring crap and get a nice helpful man killed. Joe is crazy and violent. Liam is really annoying. Janet still defends Joe even after he kills someone. She is moronic. Kat overacts and is irrational. This was dreadful; Janet is a pathetic mouth breather who wants to carry Joe’s litter.

Best Lines:
“He could be in your room waiting for you.”
“Aaahhh jeez, you just had to say that didn’t you?”


Liam Ulrich replaces the Night Manager and he cannot act. Kat and Renbe stumble into another town. How many are there? Joe reveals he was a Jesuit and he shot Liam in the chest during his initial abduction.

The abductees treat the town like an inconvenience. Beardy aka Charles and perv aka Bill bond. Charles’ gunshot wound is healed. Joe is still a lying prick. Erika’s real name is Theresa.

Moira tells Grant her back-story and there is a stupid CGI scarf. Liam’s in love with Janet, oh come on. Joe’s mountain man facial hair is back and Janet chooses badly. If this lot are into something wrong, they got there by themselves. This was bad.

Best Line:
“Always playing the righteous hero, always failing miserably.”
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