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Persons Unknown 1x05 – 1x07 Reviewed


Surprise surprise Joe is one of ‘them’, Tori is dead and her replacement Erika has arrived. Tom (Reggie Lee) watches the gang of idiots and mocks them. Janet needs to shut up, Moira displays bad acting and out in the world Kat fires Renbe the unrepentant wife and child abandoner.

Erika beats people up and does some unnecessary jumping out windows. Moira sees a weird TV message. Joe is obsessed with Janet and overacts as he babbles about “protocol”.

Renbe is inappropriate, Kat screeches and the whole abusive grandmother plot seems to have been abandoned as Renbe couldn’t care less about his child living with grandma. Erika reveals she was executed or so she thought. Moira gets suspicious of Joe via the not so secret door in the lift.

Joe gets violent with Tom. The abductees don’t act empty, sad or worried. Grant cracks. Erika and Janet bond. These people are useless and so stupid they couldn’t even pass worms. Moira has antipathy toward Joe the poor man’s Christian Bale. Renbe enters uncharted emotional territory by talking to his offspring and then forgets about her again. This was okay, but Joe rankles.

Best Line:
“What the hell happened now?”

The Truth

Kat and Renbe are menaced. Kat (Lola Glaudini of ‘Criminal Minds’) is stupid. The non-dynamic duo crash Tori’s funeral. The abductees are stupid save for Erika who is onto Joe’s lies. Somehow nobody noticed how he has been directing events or the unsubtle elevator numbers issue.

Joe babbles about “the programme” and Renbe babbles about men in blue. Janet is a snot. Erika (Kandyse McClure of ‘Battlestar Galactica’) gets the truth out of Joe.

Best Line:
I’ve seen enough women’s prison movies to know what that look means.”

Smoke and Steel

Janet wails and can’t act as Joe admits he is one of ‘them’. He still won’t reveal what he knows or the secret tunnels though. Joe is self righteous and the moron Janet defends him. Joe annoys and some abductees try to beat answers out of him.

Kat has undergone a personality change and she and Renbe are informed about an organisation with no name that does shadowy stuff. There are dossiers on the abductees in Joe’s bedside table. Erika stirs the pot. Janet must have huffed a lot of upholstery cleaner in the 90s, she is just that stupid. Beardy gets shot and someone dies. This was bad.

Best Lines:
“You and your pervert friends.”

“We manufacture people and events.”
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