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Book Reviews: Struck + a lot of old Trek novels

Struck by Jennifer Bosworth

This is a very good story that begins in a post-earthquake decimated LA. The city has been hit by the big one and lies in ruins. There are refugees, food shortages, disease and despair. Mia struggles to keep her idiot brother and mad mother together.

But Mia has her own issues. Lightening has an affinity for Mia, a creepy boy is talking her and two cults have arisen in the decimated LA and both have unpleasant plans for her. This is wonderful and engrossing as Mia learns there is a storm coming and the ending leaves sequel possibilities.

A meandering on various old Star Trek: TOS novels

‘The Romulan Way’ by Diane Duane and Peter Morwood: This is a tale of the foundation of the Romulan Empire, the sundering of Vulcan society and the story of a deep cover spy on Romulus who was so successful at infiltrating Romulan society she has forgotten who and what she really is. This is a classic.

How Much For Just The Planet by John M Ford: A very funny comedy spoof with musical interludes. ‘The Three Minute Universe’ by Barbara Paul: this sees members of a race nicknamed the Sackers commit a terrible crime. Kirk and co try to stop them before they do anymore damage. This has drama, black comedy and is very good but sadly overlooked.

‘The Entropy Effect’ by Vonda N McIntyre: the Enterprise is transporting a prisoner who somehow escapes, gets onto the bridge and murders Kirk. The crew are in shock and nothing makes any sense. Spock uncovers a time travel conspiracy while distrust and ugly suspicions break the crews trust in each other. This is excellent.

Dreadnought’ by Diane Carey: this is told in first person narration by a new crew member. She witnesses the ship become enmeshed in a Starfleet coup. This is good. ‘Doctor’s Orders’ by Diane Duane: sees McCoy left in charge of the Enterprise when Kirk vanishes. It is enjoyable and very funny. ‘Ghost Walker’ by Barbara Hambly: this has Kirk’s body appropriated by an alien who does bad things while Kirk’s soul is cast adrift. This is good.

The Patrian Transgression’ by Simon Hawke: Kirk and co visit a just contacted world and fall afoul of the telepathic police force. ‘Crossroad’ by Barbara Hambly: the Enterprise encounters a ship of rebels from the future. They have a terrible story to tell. Plague and corruption have turned the galaxy into the plaything of the fascist Consilium. The crew are shocked at what the future holds and then a Consilium ship shows up. This is excellent and a good bleak look at a possible future.

Section 31: Cloak’ by S.D. Perry: this sees Kirk and co encounter Section 31. It is dark and good. ‘Strangers From The Sky’ by Margaret Wander Bonanno: a story of the real first contact between Earth and Vulcan. This is an excellent intricate tale of time travel, xenophobia and adventure. ‘Final Frontier’ by Diane Carey: a tale of George Kirk and the maiden voyage of the newly invented starship. Kirk is first officer on a rescue mission led by the really irritating Robert April. This is good.

Uhura’s Song’ by Janet Kagan: a good adventure tale. ‘Dwellers in the Crucible’ by Margaret Wander Bonanno: an excellent tale of two female POWS caught up in Klingon/Romulan plotting. ‘Prime Directive’ by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens: Kirk is a disgraced reviled outcast. He is blamed for a pre-first contact world being destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. But what really happened? This is very good.

‘Burning Dreams’ by Margaret Wander Bonanno: this tells the life story of Christopher Pike and is good. Finally there is ‘Federation’ by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens: this is a tale of the discovery of warp drive, WW3 and the post-atomic horror, a meeting between Kirk and Picard, Romulans, a glimpse of a far distant future and an unending hatred. This is excellent.
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