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Saint-Germain and Steps

Books I won’t be reading: ‘Witchlanders’, ‘The Shattering’ or ‘Cold Kiss’.

I am reading ‘Juggernaut’.

I’ve been reading the Saint-Germain novels by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro for some time. I haven’t read them all yet but I plan to. Anyway so far I’ve only encountered three duds. The first was ‘Come Twilight’ which managed to make a tale that took place over centuries in Moorish Spain boring. Saint-Germain encounters what he thinks is the latest doomed woman to be his noble burden. But she is actually a nemesis. A boring nemesis who tries to talk him to death or something.

Then there was ‘A Feast In Exile’ which saw Saint-Germain flee India and end up stuck with two obnoxious thankless women. It was long and dull. Then finally there was ‘Midnight Harvest’ which saw Saint-Germain follow a boring woman from Franco’s Spain to Depression era America. It was boring because I didn’t care about their ‘romance’ or how in the 1930’s Saint-Germain still avoids attracting notice for his lack of a reflection or appetite.

Watched ‘Steps: On The Road Again’ and what a bunch of moaners. Lisa has had bad cosmetic surgery and looks like she is 40. Claire is a lazy whiner whose husband obviously wants to keep her barefoot and pregnant. H is annoying. Lee is detached and fades into the background. Faye lives in grim up north but without the grim. Lisa is selfish, Lee seems more interested in appearing on Argos TV and there is palpable hatred for Claire.
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