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The Secret Circle 1x19 + Fringe 4x19 Reviewed


Diana’s idiot man candy plot drags on. Cassie’s neglectful grandmother finally shows up, but not for long. Jake is annoying and violent. Surviving voodoo guy stalks. Jake’s grandfather (John De Lancie) utters plot set up for season 2: the two other circles and a crystal skull.

Charles plots, badly. Cassie is obnoxious. None of the circle seems to go to school anymore. Everyone is an idiot. An adventure in a mine reveals who Cassie’s half sibling is. Cassie has an unsubtle reaction. This was bad.

Best Line:
“No one that old should have that many thongs.”

Letters of Transit

We get an opening text scroll that places us in 2036. The Observers took over in 2015 and a new Fringe team wanders around being useless. The Observers are now pervs and menacing. The opening credits are unsubtle and there is no mention of the other universe.

An elderly Broyles is no help, Etta bounces around and Simon (Henry Ian Cusick of ‘Lost’) is the woobie of the week. People eat coffee chews and Walter is found ambered. He looks like he is in orange saran wrap but that is another story.

Walter is annoying and an elderly Nina shows up in her latest bad wig. Walter, Simon and Etta go looking for stuff and stumble across some weirdness. There’s a really unexpected cameo and a not really unexpected revelation of Etta’s parentage. This was okay but how did this get renewed for a 5th season?.
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