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Book Review: Darkness Be My Friend

The Tomorrow Series #4: Darkness be My Friend by John Marsden

At the end of book 3 Ellie and her surviving friends were evacuated to New Zealand. Now the RNZAF are sending the gang back to Wirrawee because apparently trained soldiers can’t cope without smart mouth teenagers hanging around.

Nothing happens, the gang sit around yapping and angsting and being useless. This was dull and full of weird slang.

Best Lines:
“Any rural five-year-old knows it’s safer playing with gelignite than matches in bushfire weather.”

“Now my best mate was under the earth under six feet of cold heavy soil, separated from me by six feet and by eternity.”

“We shared a bag of sherbet that Corrie knocked off from her mom’s shopping bag, then somehow convinced ourselves that it was Ratsak and we panicked and rushed to the tap and tried to wash it all out of our mouths.”

“We threw our undies on the overhead fan when we were getting changed for swimming and one pair flew off into Mrs Mercer’s face.”
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