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Coming Soon:

I may review ‘The Divide’, ‘Elfie Hopkins’, ’Persons Unknown’, season 1 of ‘War of the Worlds’ and season 1 of ‘Covert Affairs’.

I misliked ‘Tiger Burning Bright’ and ‘The Don Sebastian Vampire Chronicles’

I am reading ‘First Frontier’.

I am looking forward to Mary Gentle’s new opus ‘The Black Opera’.

Why was Rob Zombie’s ep of ‘CSI: Miami’ so boring?

I like port fudge.
Happy Endings’ Quotes:
“I’m waiting tables to save money for stripping lessons so I can save money for junior college.”

“Nathan wasn’t a poet, he was a bard!”

‘NCIS’ Quote:
“Speed limits: they’re really just suggestions.”

‘Murder One’
season 2 opening credits
This was nice, dramatic and memorable. There aren’t good opening credits anymore.

‘Awake’ promo
This parallel realities TV show looks good.
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