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Bones 7x06 + Fringe 4x18 + Ringer 1x20 + Breaking Bad (2008 - 2013) 1x01 Reviewed

The Crack In The Code

A skull and spine and a message written in blood is left in a museum by a killer whom I presume is the season long arc villain. Hodgins is still spouting conspiracy theories even after what happened to Zack. As everyone puzzles over the creepy killer, there is not one mention of Gormaggon.

Booth deals with Ezra Kane, an annoying reporter who is desperately trying to be RDJ in ‘Zodiac’. Sweets will not stop talking. The killer is an omnipotent violent psychopath.

The question of how the killer did everything he did and how no-one noticed the jacuzzi full of gore is not yet explained. Despite everything the annoying killer can’t be arrested, I’m sure he’ll show up in future eps. This was good even if Booth did buy a hideous house.

Best Lines:
“Whoever did this wrote malware on bone that took down a million bucks worth of computers.”

“This is not the outcome I was hoping for.”

“The mighty hut appears to be leaking.”

“The killer made a cipher out of bone.”

The Consultant

Alt Lincoln Lee is buried and Lincoln Lee is still constipated looking and annoying. Alt Nina is locked up. Why do she and David Robert Jones want to end the worlds anyway? I have to say that season 3 and most of season 4 were a waste.

People die due to yet another nefarious plot of Jones (Jared Harris overacting some more). Walter visits the other side but the UTTERLY STUPID timeline change robbed us of a great Walter & Walternate confrontation.

Peter strolls around not at all concerned about his vanishing son. Alt Broyles betrayal is explained. Also the alt universe has domesticated badgers as pets, cool. Jones lurks. The alt universe does not have black boxes or Sherlock Holmes. This was good but Lincoln Lee needs to shut up.

Best Line:
Nature’s sponge: the egg.”

If You’re Just an Evil Bitch Then Get Over It

Victor and Bridget try to figure out who wants ‘Siobhan’ dead and somehow overlook the obvious suspect, the Betty Broderick like Catherine. Meanwhile Henry is in trouble as his neglected children are taken by children’s services and his father in law turns out to be a powerful enemy.

Henry is slack jawed with shock despite the fact he is an unfit parent who cheated on his wife and doesn’t seem to care that she is dead. Olivia is still AWOL. Martin/Charles is somehow still in operation. Siobhan is selfish and seems to be realising her stupid revenge plot has ruined everything.

Henry’s children are named Dash and Becks. The dumb Bridget still does not realise that her evil sister is alive. Victor gets a clue and Catherine goes all crazy. Andrew is Dan Broderick, Catherine is Betty Broderick and Siobhan/Bridget are Linda Kolkena Broderick and we all know how that story ended. This was good.

Best Lines:
“I haven’t been on this many drugs since college.”

“Where the hell does this end?”


Walter (the dad from ‘Malcolm In the Middle’) is a 50 year old chemistry teacher who works a second job washing cars, has apathetic students, a disabled son and the highlight of the year is a party where boxed wine is served.

His brother in law works for the DEA and Walter is miserable. Then he learns he is terminally ill. So Walter hooks up with a former student to cook crystal meth. Walter stands around in his huge saggy underpants cooking premium grade crystal meth. But an initial attempt to sell it goes awry and leads to chaos in a toxic gas filled RV. This was okay.

Best Line:
You’re a drug dealer: negotiate.”
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