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Book Reviews: Mansions of Darkness + Vengeance

Mansions of Darkness by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Some time after the events of ‘Darker Jewels’, Saint-Germain seeks peace in Peru in 1640. Naturally there is no peace to be found. Saint-Germain makes an enemy of yet another petty Christian official, falls for not one but two tragic doomed women and is subjected to much torment.

The petty Christian official enemy cliché is tiresome, much as I love the Saint-Germain saga, the petty Christian official enemy plot is over used at this point. However this is an entertaining read, it takes place parallel with Olivia’s adventures in France as depicted in ‘A Candle For D’Artagnan’. Saint-Germain broods, explores Peru and the book is left open ended and the story continues in the short story ‘Intercession’ which can be found in ‘Saint-Germain Memoirs’.

The Tainted Realm: Book One by Ian Irvine

This is a very good engrossing fantasy epic. Tali is a slave in Cython, the underground land of a conquered people who have long planned revenge. Tali knows she is a descendant of a noble house in Hightspall and plans to escape into a land her people haven’t seen for generations. A land taken from the Cython in a bloody war of conquest long ago.

Rix is a noble heir in Hightspall. He is an ignorant violent tantrum throwing idiot who does not really know anything about his land’s past. He barely knows that Hightspall was once called Cythe until the land was stolen in a war.

But those in Cython have been planning a genocidal war of vengeance and reconquest for a long time. Ancient hatreds, secrets and magic are about to be laid bare. The ugly and brutal truth about Hightspall’s origins is about to destroy it.

Best Lines:
They destroyed our cities, our libraries and our art...profaned all we held sacred.”

“It says the sky turned red from their burning libraries. Red as the soil watered with their blood.”
“They started it.”

“We won this land two thousand years ago, yet we know nothing about it.”

“What with the bankruptcy, mother’s disgrace, father’s suicide, the manor being burnt to the ground with everyone but me inside, and our creditors taking the rest of the estate, I don’t remember much about that year.”
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