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Quotes of The Day

‘Raffles’ Quote:
“He’s a swine in more than one way and he’s coming towards us now.”

‘The Pretender’ Quotes:
“He don’t have no hernia, he just don’t want to move out of the basement.”
“Shut up ma!”

The Veiled Detective’ Quotes:
“And what if I refuse?”
“The Thames is very cold at this time of year.”

“As every Englishman knows, whatever appears in The Times must be the absolute truth.”

Modern Family’ Quotes:
The line is too long.”
“It’s only three people and nobody has a gun.”

“That is not her drunk voice.”

‘House of Wax’ (2005) Quote:
“Why on earth did your brother have to come with us? I mean I thought you said your parents weren’t going to post his bail anymore.”

I did not like ‘Ancient Enchantresses’

I am reading ‘Tiger Burning Bright’
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