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Movie Reviews: A Night To Remember + Mirror Mirror

A Night To Remember (1958)

The Titanic sinks in B&W after an obvious model ship brushes against a Styrofoam iceberg. There are class issues, idiot toffs, scrofular steerage types and David McCallum being stunningly good looking.

There’s panic, the band plays, there are stage Orish accents and a reprehensible lack of humanity. This was dull.

Mirror Mirror (1990)

A large antique mirror looms in the home newly bought by a widow in a bad wig (Karen Black) and her emo daughter Megan (Rainbow Harvest). There is a demon in the mirror and it lurks, waiting and plotting.

Megan is befriended by Nikki (Kristin Dattilo) to the horror of Nikki’s meathead boyfriend. School mean girls Charlene (Charlie) and Kim (Dorit Sauer) bully Megan. The mirror demon gives Megan the illusion of power and control, but it is tricky and the body count rises. A realtor named Emelin (Yvonne De Carlo) tries to warn people to no avail.

People die and there is a downer ending. This is an enjoyably creepy atmospheric horror. It had three sequels.
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