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Ringer 1x19 + White Heat Episode 6 Reviewed

Let’s Kill Bridget

Andrew has walked off his gunshot wound. Olivia’s AWOL. Siobhan’s money source is revealed. Victor unravels. Catherine gets played. Juliet needs to go to boot camp. Henry’s dumb one time too many. The face of villainy is revealed. This was dire.

The Sea Of Trees

In the present day, the elderly Jack shows up. Orla is the one who died lonely, alone and abandoned by her ‘friends’. Everyone realises how they treated Orla like crap and feel bad.

In the flashbacks to 1990, Alan shows off his huge mobile phone, the Berlin Wall falls and Jack is a special advisor wearing a suit and sporting a decent haircut. Orla has done nothing but be maid service to the thankless Jack and Jay.

Jack has embraced the establishment he rejected. Charlotte and Victor have a daughter Emma. Charlotte’s mad mother committed suicide but Charlotte doesn’t care, she’s still stuck on Jack. Lilly’s bitter about being infertile and being dropped as Charlotte’s friend and so dramatically reveals Emma’s paternity. Cue a 'Maury' moment.

Oh and Jay has HIV and has to stop being a surgeon but no-one cares, it’s always all about Charlotte. Victor walks out. Jack has a wife and son and does not want to know. Charlotte is all alone and tells Alan that Lilly does not deserve him. Oh come on. Charlotte is the most obnoxious self obsessed hypocrite.

This was okay. The dying Edward watches ‘Spitting Image’ and in the present a locksmith is snotty and everyone realises how cruel they were to Orla. This was okay but the characters were jackasses, Charlotte especially.

Best Line:
We want no part of you.”
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