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Book Reviews: Darker Jewels + A Candle For D'Artagnan + Out Of The House Of Life

Darker Jewels by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

This Saint-Germain novel sees the Count sent on a diplomatic mission by the King of Poland to the court of Ivan IV. Or as he is better known, Ivan The Terrible. Russia of 1583 is not welcoming to strangers.

The Count has to placate the unbalanced Czar and cope with begrudging fellow diplomats. There is plotting afoot at the court and the Count gets caught up in it. The Count also meets Xenya, a damaged lonely woman and yet another of his doomed love affairs begins. This is a very good absorbing read.

A Candle For D'Artagnan by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

In 1637 and Cardinal Richelieu summons Olivia Clemens to Paris. He needs her help to secure his successor Mazarin thusly ensuring the safety of Queen Anne and her two sons. Seeing as Olivia has been involved with the Vatican for generations, wouldn’t somebody have noticed she never ages?

At the court of Louis XIII, Olivia becomes caught in a web of politics, revenge and betrayal. Surrounded by intrigue she comes under the protection of a guardsman named Charles de Batz-Castelmore d'Artagnan.

This book gives the reader an intriguing glimpse into the tumultuous French court and comes to an unexpected ending. It is very good.

Out Of The House Of Life by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Madeline de Montalia is a vampire after the events of ‘Hotel Transylvania’. She arrives in Egypt in the 1820's to explore and learn the ancient secrets of the pharaohs. But as a woman she is only accepted on an expedition due to bribes.

She is viewed with suspicion, her interests and intellect are not taken seriously. She falls in love with Doctor Falke, but it does not end well. This is good and we get a lot of background story to Saint-Germain as he sends Madeline letters detailing the centuries he spent serving in a temple in Egypt.
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