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The Secret Circle 1x18 +Fringe 4x17 Reviewed


This is as bad as the badly acted elder abuse storyline on ‘Emmerdale’. Adam’s more interesting now he is not panting after Cassie 24/7. Cassie and her undersized head annoys. Why do the circle never do any magic unless they are in danger? Grant and his silly accent shows up to annoy.

Jake continues to be a thug. The mush mouth guest star can’t act. There are boring romance issues. The ridiculous Eben does bad stuff. This was terrible. Diana’s stupid except when she is sick of Cassie’s drama. John is the circle’s evil mentor.

Everything In It’s Right Place

Lincoln Lee heads over the other universe and hangs out with their team. He makes pissy faces and looks constipated. Where is Charlie in all this? The environmental damage to the other universe is healing. Batman seems unknown in the other universe, the big superhero is M.A.N.T I.S.

The other side has hologram papers and a vigilante killing people. Lincoln Lee whines, tags along and is jealous of alt Lincoln. Alt Broyles acts suspiciously. Lincoln Lee will not shut up whining about dead Robert. Lincoln Lee is pathetic and tries to talk a shape shifter to death.

This was dull. Lincoln Lee decides to be a cuckoo in the nest in the other universe to see if he can get alt Olivia to be his skitch. There probably will not be a season 5. Why are TPTB wasting time on this crap?
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