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Trailers & a 1997 Tape Tale

‘Falling Skies’ season 2 preview
I haven’t seen season 1 and nothing here gives me any desire to do so.

‘Silent House’ trailer
This looks dumb.

‘Retreat’ trailer
Is there a pandemic or not? This looks good.

‘War of the Worlds’ season 1 promos
This shows off all the bad acting, rubber aliens, gurning, goo, alien frat boys, alien steam punk outfits, Ironhorse being hot and shooting off guns and aliens doing tae bo that was in season 1. I think I’ll check this show out.

Best Lines:
“Even the dead aren’t safe.”

“The fate of the world is resting in the hands of the phone company.”

“What could aliens want with money?”

‘Earth 2’ 1x02 promo
I remember this.

Coming Soon: reviews for ‘Breaking Bad’

I’ve given up on ‘Touch’

I am reading ‘The Company of the Dead’.

Cleared out a tape from 1997. It opened with the ‘Forever Knight’ ep ’Unreality TV’ in which Nick is followed by the crew from ’Cop Watch’. Nick shows off his colour blind terrible dress sense. There are huge video camera and it all looks grainy. This was dull with idiot flying SFX, still I suppose it was better than other 97 TV offerings like ’The Practice’, ’Chicago Hope’, ’High Incident’ or ’The Cape’ (the NASA TV drama not the James Frain superhero romp).

Then came a ‘Profiler’ ep ‘Modus Operandi’ in which Samantha shags her boytoy (A Martinez) who would naturally be horribly killed several eps later. This was dull as Jack the improbable omnipotent serial killer kills people and runs around the FBI parking garage and train stations without being caught. This had too much yapping.

Then there was an ‘X Files’ two parter ‘Tunguska/Terma’ in which black oil kills people. Krycek shows up. Mulder is stolid. There’s bad acting. Krycek gets slapped around. Laurie Holden of ‘The Walking Dead’ shows up to be stolid and wooden. Krycek reveals his parents were Russian. Krycek and Mulder end up in Russia. Mulder has black oil drizzled on his face and Krycek has an arm sawn off. This was too full of itself.

Best Lines:
You’re an invertebrate scum sucker whose moral dipstick is about two drops short of bone dry.”

“You called me a bad name.”
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