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Survivors Ep 3 Review

Only 1% of the population survived the virus, yet somehow survivors keep running into each other. While wandering aimlessly Abby finds a sustainable community run by Samantha, the last surviving member of the government. Meanwhile Tom and Greg run across a man who has isolated his family to avoid the virus. Meanwhile the bunker scientists fly a helicopter over the country charting where survivors are living. This ep started out promisingly but then petered out. It's just not grim enough. Nobody's cold or dirty and its not explained what Abby and her gang are doing now they are no flush toilets. This show is making me want to check out the DVDs of the 1970's original.

The man who isolated his family actually takes precautions against the virus, naturally Tom and Greg screw it all up and preach to him. Somehow Tom has become a humanitarian since ep 1. The scientists seem ominous, what with mapping where survivors are and one saying he is responsible for everything. Sarah, the new member of Abby's gang, is useless. Abby gets up on her high horse when Samantha has to defend her community against two thieving hoodies. Samantha is wearing a nice white suit, so good to see washing machines and Daz are still around in this post-apoc world.

This was okay, this show is just a showcase for dumbing down.
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