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Book Reviews: Black Wings Of Cthulhu part 3+Spellbound+The Modern Fae’s Guide To Surviving Humanity

Black Wings Of Cthulhu edited by S.T. Joshi, part 3

Tempting Providence

A man experiences the other in Providence. This is ok, a sort of follow up to ‘The Haunter of The Dark’.

Howling In The Dark
A boy sees thing in the dark, dull.

The Truth About Pickman
Another sequel to ‘Pickman’s Model’ sees modern day decedents of those involved in that story play out the ongoing legacy of Pickman. Good.

A little boy finds out what his family is afraid of. Good.

The Correspondence Of Cameron Thaddeus Nash
A collection of letter’s from Lovecraft’s Number One Fan. Good.

Violence, Child Of Trust
A tale of a messed up family, bad.

Lesser Demons
Published in at least two other places. A small town Sherriff deals with his town being over run by monsters. This was very good.

An Eldritch Matter
A man turns into an eldritch thing, bad.

A man becomes fascinated by another woman, very good.

A woman is dying, bad.

Spellbound by Rachel Hawkins

The 3rd and final ‘Hex Hall’ novel is a badly written contrived pile of crap. Sophia ends up with the obnoxious Brannick monster hunting family. It’s stupid and a letdown.

The Modern Fae’s Guide To Surviving Humanity edited by Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray

A collection of tales of the Fae living in secret amongst humans. This is a nice collection that is far superior to the dreadful ‘Courts of the Fey’ or the silly ‘Single White Vampire Seeks Same’.

We Will Not Be Undersold
What is the secret of the Undermart store? Good.

A woman is told her baby was stillborn, but he has been stolen by the fae. She is determined to get him back. Good.

A water fae lurks, okay.

The Roots Of Aston Quercus
Dryads must save their grove from a bypass, very good.

To Scratch An Itch
A young girl starts realising what she is, okay.

Continuing Education
A mature student at an out of the way college realises there is something not right about the faculty, okay.

How Much Salt
Selkies hide in plain sight, okay.

A bad fairy lurks, good.

A People Who Always Know
Fae plot, good.

The Slaughtered Lamb
Edie is more than she seems in this delightful tale of fae in NY.

A fairy fights crime at a cost, good.
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