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Book Review: Black Wings of Cthulhu part 2

Black Wings of Cthulhu edited by S.T. Joshi, part 2

The Broadsword

A terrible tale of man who hears voices in the vents.

Best Line:
“Don’t you have the reports we’ve made about weirdoes sneaking around the building? You should be chatting them up. The weirdoes, I mean.”

A couple have a car accident in the desert. It changes them somehow. Good.

Best Line:
“In case he comes knocking on your door. You might not want to open it.”

Denker’s Book
An account of a scientific experiment gone wrong. Okay,

Inhabitants of Wraithwood
A dull sequel to ‘Pickman’s Model’. This sees an ex-con stumble across an inn of Pickman acolytes.

The Dome
There is something wrong in a small town’s storage depot. Dull.

A man has a freak-out in Rotterdam. Awful.
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