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Movie Reviews: Rush Week + Prom Night IV

Rush Week (1989)
A terrible, terrible horror set on a college campus where someone is running around in a cloak axing people to death, College reporter Toni investigates axe murders and falls for Jeff (Dean Hamilton) the head of the wildest frat on campus. They run around ignoring all evidence that the killer is the crazy Dean Gail (Roy Thinnes).

Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil (1991)
In 1957, Father Jonas and his bad wig kills sluts. He is locked in a basement. In 1991, a moron lets him out and Father Jonas looks for more sluts to hack up. It is prom night and Meagan (Nikki de Boer of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’), Laura, Mark and Jeff skip their prom and head off to an isolated house for some fornication.

The prom fashions are as hideous as ever. Meagan wears a tiny blue slip dress and Laura wears a black minidress that is so short it does not cover her stocking tops, she also sports a bad blonde wig and green glass chandelier earrings.

There is bad acting as Father Jonas heavy breathes and racks up a low kill count. Mary Lou caused a much bigger body count. Meagan and co drink Pepsi. This is boring and takes ages to get going. Laura and Jeff get down to it, before Jeff can worry if Laura is the type to bring home a disease Father Jonas gets rid of them both.

Meagan and Mark (Alden Kane aka Joel Wyner of ‘The Club’ and an executive producer on ‘Fringe’) shriek and run around as Father Jonas chases them. Father Jonas has all the empathy and acting range of a dump truck. The ending is a sequel hook but there was never a ‘Prom Night V’. Stick with ‘Prom Night II’. This was terrible.
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